Who am I?  

Tumbisha is my middle name, and could be translated from Tshiluba a Bantu language of Central Africa - as "give glory ".

At school, arts offered me a  way to express myself, which has become an essential part of my life.

A way to give glory to life.

This space offers me a chance to share my view of the world through photography, share my passion for textiles

and the pleasure I find in breathing new life into the objects that cross my path.

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My creative outputs

Miss T - Tumbisha

Miss T

" Miss T"is a textile experimentation and research lab, exploring patterns, colours and textures.

T comme… tumbisha - Miss T

T comme...

Born from a habit of collecting, combined with a perpetual need for change and a need to be a little different.

Tumbisha picture

Tumbisha pictures

I document what I experience; I might not be named "Alice" but I am still in Wonderland.

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